Creativity is a muscle that gets stronger the more you use it. So, with that being said, the more you use it, the more creative you become. Every day I do just that. There is something about the feeling I get when a couple of fragrance note combinations pop into my head. Anything that’s going on stops until I can write down my exact thought and how I will execute it.

Creating a fragrance can come from many different things. Usually, they all find their way back to me, trying to tell a story. I have some childhood memory, a smell I remember, a place I visited, or a story someone told me that I put into a scent, so I’ll never forget it.

I consider perfumery a work of art and my art pieces tell stories. The fragrances tell stories far better than any words can. I put it into a fragrance because I know words don’t do the message; I’m portraying the right justice. That is a motto I go by and tell myself multiple times a day. On the other hand, it isn’t always just creativity that goes into making a new fragrance. There’s an entire scientific side to it as well.

Knowing how certain materials work with each other, how much oil to use for the right concentration, and being able to weigh everything out separately to keep batches as consistent as possible is essential to creating a fragrance. Making my oils is a significant part of it, which is for a whole other time. But science and math are something that I never thought would play a role in perfumery until I did all my research and began doing it at a larger more professional scale.