Since the first week of May to just a couple of weeks ago, I spent almost every Saturday at some market or festival in Middle Tennessee. Nothing has benefited me more than participating in those. I’ve created tons of great relationships in this time, and now some of these people are the ones I talk to and interact with on a daily basis. I’ve had social media for years and a website for almost as long. There’s nothing better than having first-hand interactions with the people in my community. Shaking hands, exchanging stories, and giving people the experience of all my fragrances has been amazing.

Everyone that owns a business loves making good sales, but nothing compares to seeing someone’s face light up when they find a new fragrance they love or when you see them get that nostalgic feeling from trying a fragrance that feels like a childhood home. Seeing people try just one fragrance and then show up the next week to get a handful more makes it all worth it for me.

Knowing that these people have helped me build the foundation for my brand and that they are also people from my own community is an amazing experience. It gives me a sense of pride and appreciation in my work. I plan to keep doing these festivals for a very long time and look forward to all the upcoming ones this year!