Cedar and Patchouli


A take on a vibrant yet naturistic fragrance. Perfect for the spring days spent outside. A clean bright opening followed by the earthy notes of cedar and patchouli.


Cedar and Patchouli Fragrance

Cedar & Patchouli is a warm, earthy fragrance that evokes a sense of comfort and relaxation. The scent opens with a rich blend of spicy patchouli and fresh bergamot, which gives way to a heart of aromatic cedarwood. The base notes of musk and amber add depth and complexity to the fragrance, creating a warm and inviting aroma that lingers on the skin. Perfect for those who appreciate the natural beauty of the outdoors.

Note Breakdown:

  • Top- rose, cinnamon
  • Mid- cardamom, tobacco
  • Base- cedar, patchouli, vanilla


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