Rose Vanille


Experience the luxurious allure of our fragrance Rose Vanille. An exquisite fusion of smooth Turkish and Bulgarian rose blended with notes of citrus, incense,and vanilla. Envelop yourself in an enchanting bouquet that exudes warmth, mystery, and romance. Let the intoxicating blend transport you to the realm of indulgence and sophistication where every note whispers the tales of elegance and allure.


Rose Vanille Fragrance A personal favorite from Dalton Hidalgo himself and a best sellers at the most recent craft events. My goal with Rose Vanille was to use rose in a way that isn't usually seen. I wanted to give the note a fresh picked and slightly sweeter essence. Using two of the highest roses "Bulgarian and Turkish" is what I believe sets this fragrance apart from the rest.

Note Breakdown:

  • Top- Bulgarian rose, Turkish rose, Italian lemon, bergamot
  • Mid- tobacco, incense, cardamom, cedar
  • Base- vanilla, oud, musk, tonka bean


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