I’ve always told myself that passion is something that grows every day. It happens over time, and the more you experiment with your craft. Every day I grow and so does my passion for perfumery. The idea of perfumery and becoming a perfumer sparked from just a bit of curiosity.

In late 2019 I began to want to know how a fragrance is made. So that is what started it all—going to all sorts of stores such as Nordstrom, Dillard’s, and small fragrance boutiques and smelling the display fragrances for hours.

I would always find myself realizing that the sense of smell is what stood out the most to me. Smelling is what came the most naturally. It took no extra effort. You have to think when you taste, touch, and see. But smelling is in a world of its own. I believe smell is all senses in one. When you smell, you can always explain or imagine how something might feel, taste, or look. You know if something smells sweet, spicy, warm, cold, soft, or rough. You can have a bit of nostalgia just from just a smell. Just a single scent can bring back millions of memories. Being able to tell stories and show works of art through scent is something that I am passionate about.

Questions I’d ask myself were, what goes into it? Where do they get the materials from? How long does it take to make? How can someone add all these materials to create an entirely new smell? Simple questions that I researched and soon began learning the answers to.

I started to experiment with the world of perfumery. Buying fragrance kits, reading books, watching videos, making my scents, and eventually creating Hidalgo Fragrance. My motto has always been, “my goal is for my fragrances to be seen as wearable art and to tell stories far better than any words can.” That is what built the passion for perfumery that I have today.