It seemed like for years I was searching for a beard oil that perfectly checked every box I had for my personal use. I wanted something that obviously smelled good, had no harsh chemicals, nourished, strengthened, and softened my beard.

So, every week I would find myself ordering tons of bottles to sample, buying endless amounts in stores, and hours of research until I found the perfect one. After months of searching an idea sparked to just create my own.

Creating my own gave me complete control of every variable. The materials used, smell, and how it performs. It was actually one of the first products I ever created, and way before real thoughts of perfumery came about.

So, the deep dive of beard oil research began. It was easy going to a store and buying whatever they had and trusting the chemicals they used, but making your own and finding a trustworthy supplier is a totally different world. After countless experimental batches, new oils being used, and even more fragrance formulas I was finally happy to create a beard oil I was going to use everyday.

Not long after that I noticed a vast difference in my beard. Hair growth, more moisturized, skin underneath wasn’t clogged from heavy oils, hair was stronger and softer, and it smelled great. I was very happy with the outcome.

One day at work a coworker had asked me what beard oil I use and I told them it was one I created myself. Me not thinking anything of it they just immediately asked me for 8 bottles. Having only ever made single bottles I had no idea how to make a “large batch” no idea where to get multiple bottles, or large amounts of oils- the answer is always Amazon. I quickly learned and made it work. It slowly became an actual thing. More and more coworkers started purchasing beard oils from me regularly and then I started selling them in local barbershops as well!

Eventually the idea of perfumery came about which I have written a blog about before. So by creating a product I only had a personal need for grew into a passionate business I can now share with everyone.